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Mangement, Marketing, SEO, Project Management, and Student of Personality

About Me

I enjoy work in general. It's a pleasure to be working on an intense project and learning new things to complete a new project. I enjoy working with people and encouraging them to grow in their abilites and experience. I am seeking a VP of marketing or SEO or other management position where I can grow myself. Something that would be challenging and more than I've taken on before.

My Skills

  • team leadership
  • problem solving
  • project management
  • data analysis
  • people management
  • remote management
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My Education

University of Phoenix - 2013



Non-clniical, Focused on Organizational and Behavioural Psychology

Parker University - 2007

Health and Wellness


Dual Bachelors. Most course work was Doctoral Level

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Beyond the Resume...

I have had a great many experiences. I try to list the most pertinent on a resume. However, I feel it's worth mentioning that I'm an individual who seeks a lot of growth and new experiences. As a result, I have more work experience and places that I've lived which might be of interest to one company over another. I've worked with struggling teens as an assistant program director, I've done public speaking for over a decade, I've been a volunteer teacher in Japan in the Japanese language for a year and a half, I've coached cross country for high schoolers in Hawaii, I've been a medical intern twice, I've worked in a call center doing customer service and sales at different times. I'm a family man and I love my children. I love learning about the people I work with and helping them to grow. To me management is about developing your people and getting projects done on time and on budget.


  • 2019
    Owner / Operator
    Pinpoint Local
  • 2013 - 2019
    Director Of Seo
    Generation Internet Presence
  • 2009 - 2013
    Sr. Enrollement Advisor
    University of Phoenix

My Success Stories

Masquerade ball with ladies Marketing & Events

Situation: Botanical Masquerade Ball needed to be put on in under a month with only 1.5 weeks of ticket sales and a need to sell 150 tickets, secure sponsors, pay for catering, bar tender, venue, necesarry liability insurance, security, photographer, florist, DJ, live band, silent auction, website, University approval, Non-profit status secured, and networking event and much more. Action: I coordinated and found a venue that could provide much of the needed assistance, developed a sponsorship marketing strategy, helped secure sponsors, created a website in a pinch where tickets could be sold, used my network to secure and negotiate a florist, photographer, and DJ/ live band for the non-profit event. Jointly managed the team for others to complete baskets for silent auction, registration table, qr codes, emails to ticket buyers, facebook ads, facebook posts and boosted posts, etc. Results: Not only did we have a tremendous ball, but I was offered a permanent position as the Marketing Branch of the Non-profit or the purpose of making it an annual event.

Animal beach bird 66258 Top10 YouTuber

Situation: One of the top 10 YouTubers had their personal name released on the web along with their salary. The concern was that the public knowledge might put their children in jeapordy of kidnapping. Their first name is all over their channel, but their last name had always been kept a secret for that reason. We had done SEO consulting for them in the past, so they turned to my team for help. Action: Not only did we bury the original post and work to get repeats removed, but we also created a fake alternate last name. I don't want to divulge how we did it, but it invovled the creation of a seperate and well established (2 year old) personality. We were able to make it look like she (with her new last name) had been blogging all over the web for the past 2 years. Then we were able to coordinate with the client to get that fake name picked up by news media. Results: The result was we essentially gave her a stage name that was well established and looked old. We made her real name functionally disappear from the web and her new name was picked up by various mirrored media bloggers. Semi-related, but largely to their credit, they recently sold that channel for millions without the public learning of their true last name.

Aquarium aquatic blue 137612 Augmented Reality

Situation: A client came to us wanting us to white label an augmented reality project for several of their clients. We had never done augmented reality before. Action: I personally looked into, joined various groups, and discovered that for our purposes we could use a few previously created softwares to generate our own augmented reality markers and images. These project I did 100% on my own. It was such a pleasure to learn augmented reality, and to have that 'can do' attitude about something that was previously not done. I had various augmented reality companies also send samples in case we too needed to outsource the work. However, I was able to do each project in less than a week. Results: We had 2 projects designed for use at an expo where we created an interactive expo game to draw people to the client's table. We did another project for an interior designer. While I did most of the work on these projects, my team still supported the advertising and final implementation to the client who was white labeling my work. The most exciting thing for me was a new skill or way to market a product.

Abstract ai art 355948 CRM Hero

Situation: I was at University of Phoenix at a time when the government decided to heavily regulate the university. During this time they were shrinking as an organization, laying off thousands of employees every few months, and going through a bit of an identity crisis in terms of the proper way to enroll students. I was proud to say I was never chosen for layoffs and at the time of leaving was the top enroller on my team as well as an unofficial manager. The way in which I unofficially became the manager came about because of a problem my immediate boss had. They had put him in charge of a hybrid team. Half of his team received leads and the other half didn't. He didn't know what to do to help the part of the team that didn't get leads to get college enrollments. He turned to me and had me manage them while he managed the enrollment advisors that received leads. Action: Each of the 'non-lead' group had an enormous database of old leads. I had recently created a system, through studying the college's CRM database system, in which I was able to make sure a database of 8000 leads received regular contact every 90 days or sooner, depending on their status with past communication from the University. He didn't know how I'd done it and said he'd never seen anything like it. So he had me train everyone else to do it. I became in charge of their training and encouraging them not to give up. Most of them felt the school had essentially abandoned them as employees. Results: The result was that the average advisor had a 200-300% increase in the number of enrollments per month by contacting old leads. The activity was unlike any other 'non-lead' group and the team eventually earned the ability to once again recieve 'hot' leads. The rest of the non-lead employees, not on my team, were almost entirely let go after averaging 0-1 sale monthly. Remeber that we're talking about selling people on a yearly expense and loan of around $20,500. For a 4 year degree that's an $82,000 sale. With data analysis, thorough detailed research into the power of the CRM system, and an applied strategy, I was able to make a difference in the job security for not just me, but my fellow co-workers during a time the university was laying off wharehouses full of people.

My Resume